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About us


We, Nino Sajaia and Keti Tchichiveishvili, have established the workshop “Ceramic Room” in 2010, soon after graduating from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. Each item in the workshop is handmade, has individual character and is distinguished by exquisite design, as well as the high and special technology. Our products are mainly crafted with Georgian clay. Despite its complex nature, Georgian clay allows us to convey the aesthetics and quality that we have achieved and obtained as a result of many years of work, trial and experience. We derive the inspiration from the simple elements that we encounter every minute of every day, things we pay attention to and things that set our mood. It is important to be in the environment that we ourselves have created. Each item forever preserves the character and history of that very moment of the day.
“Ceramic Room” – one workshop created with endless possibilities of clay and two different visions.

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Tbilisi, V.Barnovi St. N30